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Colwall Parish Neighbourhood Plan website

The Neighbourhood Development Plan is an important opportunity for our community to influence development in Colwall.

"Our Future in Our Hands"

The Localism Act 2011 brought in Neighbourhood Development Plans, which are statutory planning documents based at parish level.  Colwall Parish Council is preparing a Plan based on the area of the Parish.

How will it Work?

The Colwall Neighbourhood Plan is 'owned' and led by the Parish Council and its development is being coordinated by a small steering group of parish counsellors.

However the council will only be guiding the development of the Plan as it will be developed by you, as members of Colwall community - you may live here, work here, go to school here, shop here or have social connections to the Parish.  You know your community best and can help in identifying policies to shape the long term future for your Parish.

The Plan is important for everyone because, if a vote at a referendum is successful, it will be the statutory planning document and decisions on planning applications will be required to be made in accordance with your Neighbourhood Plan.

However, your suggestions must be capable of success at a referendum and therefore needs to command agreement from the majority of the community.

How can I get Involved?

There will be an opportunity for you to respond to the final draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan between the 29th March and the 24th May 2017.

The documents relating to this and the Response form will be on the website from the 29th March 2017.

Further Information

For more information on Neighbourhood Planning please look at the Communities and Local Government FAQ page , our Frequently Asked Questions - Colwall or the documents on our Documts Page.